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What's a Browser Title?

A browser title is the wording you see at the very top of your computer screen.  Generally it is either a blue or green colored bar that runs the entire length of your computer screen.  When you visit a website, you will notice that the colored bar at the very top of your computer screen has various keywords, domain name, etc. concerning that website.

For instance, when we visit the home page of we will see that the browser title says, "Make Your Own Website - Your Make a Website Builder."  This is the browser title for that page.

What can it do for you?  Well, this depends on the search engine.  Browser titles are more helpful in achieving a better ranking in Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.  Google does not put as much emphasis on the browser titles, however it is still of value to set each page separately.

How do you set your browser title with  Login and click on edit.  Then select the red button at the top that says, "Page List."  Find the page you would like to edit the browser title and click on "Properties" next to that page listing.  Next, type in your keywords in the second field titled, "Page Title: (displayed in your browser title bar)."

Put a sentence or words that are keyword rich for your browser title on each page. For example, lets say you are selling digital cameras on a page.  A possible browser title for this page could be: Sony Digital Cameras, Cannon, Nikkon Digital Cameras, 35mm Cameras.

Note: Each page should have it's own browser title that is keyword rich and specific for that page.  If you are unsure what keywords to use, check out a few of your competitor's websites to see what is working for them. Taking time to set your browser titles will help you achieve a better ranking over time.

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